Albion, MI

We set up the field at the Riverside Cemetery in Albion, MI on 3 June. The next day, WILX TV 10 out of Lansing, MI visited the site, interviewed those present and published a report. You may find it here:  It’s been a few days since and things are looking good!

Vero Beach

It’s been a hard working few weeks. We traveled to Rutherfordton North Carolina to see 660 crosses standing tall. It took us most of the day to pack everything back up. After a night in a hotel, we left for St Helen’s Catholic Church in Vero Beach Florida. There, we found a great location onContinue reading “Vero Beach”

Day 10

American Legion Post 74 in Rutherfordton, NC has had some unusual challenges but has performed well while overcoming them. First, there was (and is) much bad weather coming through. That not only makes the slope risky for the volunteers but could mess up the overall visual impact as well. Then there was the electrical problemContinue reading “Day 10”

Five Signs

A friend recently highlighted for us that there are five signs of emotional stress that should trigger our action. They are: If you observe a veterans with even one of these signs, please ask them how they are doing. Don’t be afraid that you won’t know how to respond to their answer to that question.Continue reading “Five Signs”