Feeling Suicidal?

Are you thinking of hurting yourself?

Are you thinking of hurting or killing yourself?  This is a very tough question to ask someone.  This is a question that NEEDS to be asked though.  You also need to be prepared to hear an answer you may not like and to be prepared to take whatever action is necessary.

A common misconception is that asking this question will put the idea into someone’s head.  That is not true.  The idea is already there if they are contemplating suicide or self-harm.  The person you ask may become defensive or upset, perhaps even angry at you for asking such a question.  That’s ok.  If you have asked this question then obviously something is going on that made you ask.  This can be a way to open the door to communication and let them know that you recognize that they are going through something.  It will give you a chance to lend an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on and offer words of encouragement.  It can also give you a chance to help the person find the resources they need to help them get through whatever is bothering them.  NOT asking this question could be a matter of life or death.


What to Do

Have Hope. All problems are solvable and you can get through this.

Talk to somebody in person everyday. Talk about anything.

Make a plan of things to do everyday and stick to it. It can be as simple as brush your teeth. Go outside for 30 minutes or get 10 minutes of exercise.

Remember to let yourself feel joy when you see or experience something good.


Avoid being alone.

Avoid drugs and alcohol.

Avoid thinking about things that make you feel worse. Look for the good instead.