Not Forgotten

If you know a veteran who committed suicide who is not listed on this page, please send an email to and let us know. We will put the veteran’s name on a cross and add a picture of that cross to this page. If you give us a little information about your veteran, we can add some of that to the cross and put more of it on this page. If you send us a picture of your veteran, we will place that here as well.

SPC Batterson, US Army

Bravo Company 1-508 PIR

Arthur F. Boutan

PFC Paul N Braun

5 January 1968 – 25 September 2018

Benjamin Cernick, US Marine Corps

Darkside (3rd Bn, 4th Marine)


Larry Chirio

Micah Daniel Church, US Marine Corps

2 December 1988 – 3 January 2024

Chas (Bud) Conely, US Army

WWII POW Battle of the Bulge

SSG Cooper, US Army


Died 2015

Chris Cooper, US Army

Robert L. Cottle Jr US Air Force

From West Virginia, AMMO

Ray A. Cronk

Timothy Dailey

Ruben De La Torre, US Marine Corps

Died 2014

Chan Deigert

Joe G Driskill, US Army

13 June 1984 – 14 September 2016


Brad Eifert

Taji Asad El-Amin, US Marine Corps

Died 2021

Larry Englert, US Air Force

Died 2023

Andrew T. Engstrom

Died 4 July 2007

Henry Farquhar, US Army

SGT Robert J Flak Jr, US Marine Corps

19 October 1979 – 20 July 2011

SGT Nathaniel C Foy, US Army

Kyle Gauthier, US Marine Corps

Born March 1993, Died May 2015

SSGT Mike Gibbons, US Air Force

Died 30 March 2019

Johnny B Girdley, US Army

Robert (Bobby) Grady, US Army

Jerry Hamlin, US Army


Randen Harvey, US Marine Corps

Died 2006

Ed Heming, US Army

Brent Hendrix, US Army

He joined the Infantry in 2003 and was sent to Iraq. His Humvee hit an IED causing him sever injuries. He spent three years in Walter Reed Army Hospital where he endured more than one hundred surgeries. He committed suicide on 23 April 2020.

Henry Hill, US Navy


Michael J Hogan, US Navy

A1C Malik Houston, US Air Force

22 July 1997 – 18 December 2019

Don Howden

Clay Hunt

Ken Jones, US Air Force

Died November 2000

Robert Dale Jones, US Navy


Glen Kamhout, US Merchant Marine

3 July 1924 – 2 October 2006


Matt Kaufman, US Marine Corps

Ed (Recon Red) Kerwin, US Army

Luke Kimberlin

We miss you and love you

Dan Knauff, US Marine Corps

Died 2012

Michael David Lawson, US Air Force

Beloved father and son

Beth Lechner

Ben Lewis

Died 7 May 2013

James Logan

Robert G Long

Died 2012

SGT Charles A Longefellow, US Air Force

14 August 1951 – 20 January 2023

Vincent John Lovins

Ryan G Martin, US Army

Julia Mende

Nicholas Jo (Nick) Mohn, US Navy

29 September 1986 – 19 September 2016

SP4 William James (Jamie) Napieralski

1983 – 1996

Brandon Park Newcombe

Forever in our hearts

Dan Notke, US Army

Died 2024

William P Paquette Jr, US Marine Corps

26 June 1949 – 7 July 1990

Matt Parsons

Died 26 August 2013

Dusty Perez, US Army

2/508th 82nd Airborne

Kris Piszczek, MI Army National Guard

Died 2023

Tom Palozola

Zack Potter

Died 9 January 2019

Keith A. Priebe, US Navy

Born 1975 Died 1994

Forever missed

Eric Pryor, US Navy

February 1954 – October 2022

Underwater Demolition Team

Maj Ben Recla, US Marine Corps

Died 2004

CPT John Ritzema, US Army

22 September 1963 – 8 December 1997

Robert Robins, US Marine Corps

26 November 2019

Henry Robinson

Charles Schriver, US Army

5th Special Forces, Vietnam

Died 1974

Wendel (Zex) Scott, US Army

1/75th Rangers, Blackwater

Ryan Shaul

Brian Smith

3 February 2013

Nathan Smith

George Stahl, US Navy


Patrick Stahl, US Army


John Szcza

John Szczepanski, US Navy

Bradley Tate

Died 2023

SRA Brent Leon Tausz, US Air Force

Lindell (LT) Trammel, US Navy

5 April 1979 Litchfield, MI

LTJG John Tucker, US Navy


Craig F. Turner

Narcisco Vasquez, US Marine Corps


Norman (Stormin Norman) P Vogel, US Army

Larry Wade, US Marine Corps

Died 2021

Brian Whittaker, US Army

HHC 1/125th Inf

Brandon Wilkie

Dale R Winnie, US Army

Died 29 June 2016

Todd Wolff

Died 27 April 2015

Joshua Jaymes Wood

Born 1991 Died 2021

Johhy Woodruff, US Army


MSG David Worthington, US Army

10 October 1962 – 12 December 2019

20 years of service