Rutherfordton NC Begins

With great help from American Legion Post 172 in Concord NC, we were able to pack up the crosses, lights, flags and equipment in record time: 2 hours. We had an easy drive two hours west to American Legion Post 74 in Rutherfordton NC.

Post 74 has the most unusual ground we have ever tried to prepare, but it is going to be awesome! The folks at Post 74, lead by Post Commander Marc Giamarino, will have to be mountain goats to place the flags the way we designed the layout because it is all on a steep slope facing a busy road. Vice Commander RV and Frank will lead the volunteer team with Marc.

We agreed with Post 74 to put in 44 crosses the first day and none the second because freezing snow and ice will make it too dangerous to be on the slope for day 2. Below is a picture after the fist day. As you can see, Post 74 is off to a great start and is well able to handle the work ahead!

Stay tuned for updates!