Resources and How to Find Them

Let us help you get connected to people who can help.

A resource is not a resource if you can’t use it because you don’t qualify or because they aren’t open now or because the resource is too far away or because the listing is out of date.


Please forgive us for not providing a list of organizations and their phone numbers.

Let us offer you this instead. Please call, text or email us and give us a chance to help you get connected to the resources you seek. We have personal knowledge of several resources, and we have a fairly quick way of finding out about others we have heard of but haven’t used yet. If you contact us, we’ll help you find resources that will work for you (or for the person you are trying to help). Our phone is (734) 726-4101. Our email is



” The Veterans Suicide Awareness display on the Ypsi Township field of honor is a stark and shocking reminder that those who sacrifice on behalf of our country’s values and for our citizens freedoms bear the pains of war well after the battles are long over.

“A simple acknowledgement by those same  citizens provides a comfort and assurance to our former warriors will  contribute immensely to the healing of those pains. “

John McManus, President of Vietnam Veterans of America


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