Contact Your Legislators

They Need to Hear From You

National, State and Local politicians need to know whether you think helping veterans overcome the injuries and illness they received while serving you and our country is worth the cost to the taxpayers.

Believe it or not, federal, state and local legislatures do respond when a significant minority of their constituents appear to be of one mind about an issue. The best way for them to know what their constituents are thinking is for you to tell them.

As it stands now, according to, the Department of Veterans Affairs’ budget is less than 3% of the federal budget. Is it any wonder that the VA doesn’t even answer it’s phone, much less provide timely support and services for your peacekeepers? No matter how efficient the VA is, the budget cannot possibly meet even half of the current documented need for physical health services, mental health services and ancillary support services nor compensation.

In addition to the federal budget, there are other pieces of legislation that need active support of the people to stand any type of chance to become law. If they think you care, they will move it along. Otherwise, they will work on other things they think you care about more.

They main thing we ask you to do is periodically contact your representatives and tell them: 1) You will never abandon our servicemembers and veterans and you don’t think the legislature should either. 2) You are willing to have other areas of the budget cut to improve service to our veterans and those who are defending our country across the globe. 3) If the funds are earmarked for veteran support, you would even be willing to pay hired taxes. 4) Remind them of George Washington’s words: “The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional as to how they perceive veterans of early wars were treated and appreciated.” With all that is going on in the world today, this is not the time to discourage military service.

You might also mention in your contact with the legislators that family members and caregivers are the front line of support for active military and veterans. We should be taken care of them as well.

We can help you find your local representatives, but here is the links to find your Us Senators: and here is the link to find your US Congressional Representative:

If you are willing to do this and need help finding out who to contact, please contact us for details. Our phone number is (734) 726-4101. Our email is